The Untapped Gold Mine of Mattress That Virtually No One Knows About

Finding the right mattress can sometimes be a difficult task. There are now so many different models and types of mattresses, so you can easily lose track, especially if you have never really dealt with the mattress purchase.

This guide in conjunction with our mattress consultant helps you to find the best mattress for your body and avoid a bad buy according to data compiled online with thebest-mattress assistance.

The spring mattress


The spring mattress is the classic mattress. It consists of many metal springs (usually steel), which are connected by a braid. After loading the springs, they return to their original shape.

The spring core is enclosed with padding material to ensure a good comfort. The upholstery is made of either wool, cotton, silk or foam. Feathers are placed between the spring core and the upholstery to prevent the upholstery being damaged by the springs. The cover covers the core and the upholstery.

The spring mattress is available in the variants Bonell spring core and light spring core.

The Bonnell spring core consists of steel springs in a waisted shape, which are connected by a spiral. There is air between them. It is processed in contrast to the light spring core (LFK) a smaller number of springs with a larger head. The LFK processes more feathers with a smaller head.

Thus, therefore, the lightweight spring core is given a higher point elasticity and thus higher lying comfort than the Bonell spring core.


  • Heat and moisture is dissipated quickly - Low
  • noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Long life
  • Good climate control
  • Robust and stable
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited adaptation to the body shape
  • Low point elasticity
  • Swings when rolling around
  • Not suitable for adjustable slatted frames
  • Not well suited for house dust allergy sufferers (if the cover is not removable and washable)


Spring mattresses are suitable for:

  • people who sweat a lot during the night
  • overweight people (because of their stability and robustness)
  • beds that are hardly ventilated from below

The pocket spring mattress


With the pocket spring mattress or also the tonneau pocket spring mattress, individual cylinder springs are sewn into small fabric pockets and connected together at their points of contact. As a result, pocket spring mattresses are particularly quiet and there is also a permanent exchange of air, which ensures good climate control.

In contrast to the "normal" spring core, the pocket springs adapt to the body more precisely and thus allow a very comfortable lying feeling. The exact adaptation is made possible by the fact that each individual spring can be compressed without the neighboring spring resonating. So a high point elasticity is created and there is a very good pressure relief.

The pocket spring core is surrounded by a fine pad, for example, cotton, silk, foam or, in rare cases, horsehair.

Over it is a cover which serves to absorb the lost moisture during sleep. The conclusion is the mattress cover made of mattress toprell (very durable cotton fabric) or double cloth (cover consisting of two tissues that are entangled with each other and contain a moisture-absorbing filler fiber in between).


  • Very good climate control
  • Good point elasticity
  • Low noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust
  • No ringing when moving around


  • difficult to combine with adjustable slatted frames
  • mostly heavy
  • not well suited for house dust allergy sufferer (if the cover is not removable and washable)

Pocket spring mattresses are suitable for:

  • People who sweat a lot at night
  • Overweight people (due to stability and robustness)

The cold foam mattress


The cold foam mattress is now the most popular type of mattress, as it brings many benefits. The cold foam core offers high point elasticity and adapts well to the resting body.

The cold foam consists of petroleum and is foamed in a special process with water. In the production of cold foam no blowing agents such as CFCs are used, so that the production can be carried out particularly environmentally friendly. The foam contains no toxic ingredients that could cause allergies. The material is therefore environmentally friendly and can even be recycled.

Another advantage of cold foam mattresses is that neither mold nor bacteria can develop.

The quality of a cold foam mattress can be seen among other things, the density. The volume weight describes the weight of the foam per cubic meter. So if a cold foam mattress has a density (RG) of 40, this means that 1 m³ of foam weighs 40 kg. The higher the density of the mattress, the higher quality is this.

A high density mattress is usually more resilient, more durable, and more durable than a low density one. The lower the density, the worse the rebuilding ability and the easier it can be to make a cooling education.

A high-quality cold foam mattress has a density of 40-50 kg / m³, a medium density of 30-35 kg / m³.

Attention! The density of a mattress is not the same as the hardness. A hard mattress can also be made with low density and vice versa. The mattress quality can not be recognized by the mattress hardness!


  • Light and handy
  • Very good body adaptation - High point elasticity and restoring force
  • Good temperature and moisture balance
  • Very hygienic
  • Very well suited for allergy sufferers
  • Long life
  • Low mite susceptibility
  • Absolutely noise-free
  • Suitable for adjustable slatted frames


  • Slatted frames with narrow battening necessary


Cold foam mattresses are suitable for:

  • People who freeze quickly, because the material holds the heat better than spring core
  • People who do not sweat a lot during the night

The molded foam mattress


Shaped foam is produced with a unique formula that allows foaming to create flow and particularly comfortable reclining zones with individual adaptation. In this manufacturing process different hardness zones are avoided during foaming. The transitions between the individual lying areas are smooth and therefore particularly comfortable and pleasant.

Regardless of size, weight or body anatomy, the mattress core adapts to the body individually - inch by inch - allowing an exceptionally regenerative sleep.